The Craft

The Craft of a Masterpiece

Perfection doesn’t come easily. It takes time to craft a recipe that results in such a deliciously refreshing flavour. Passion to create a masterpiece with a character all its own. Love, skill and patience to do it over and over again.

Crafting our Gin

The gorgeously balanced flavours that define Wixworth didn’t happen by chance. They are the result of years of dedication in search of the perfect combination of flavours and the precise quantities of each that complement one another perfectly. 

Mass production isn’t our style. We prefer to hand pick and hand select our ingredients from the finest in the world, and craft Wixworth in small batches so we can achieve the same delicate balance of flavours, the same enticing fragrance, and the same smooth, inviting taste time after time.

Joy to the World

Meet Joy. She’s the beautiful, locally crafted pot still that, under the watchful eyes of the Master Distiller, plays a vital role in creating Wixworth. Every component was precision shaped by hand to meet the exacting requirements of the Master Distiller to ensure that Joy produces gin of the finest quality with every batch. 

To create Wixworth gin, we start with the finest quality neutral spirit to which the macerated botanicals are added. Together these ingredients are redistilled in Joy to infuse the flavours of our botanicals. No artificial ingredients, no sweeteners, no colourants, no 

The Art of Gin

The craftsmanship required to create a gin like ours is much like the meticulous process followed, and craft required, of a painter or sculptor to produce a masterpiece of art. It is for this reason that Wixworth affiliates with the world of art and embraces the craftsmanship that links these two worlds.