Our Story

The Quest for Perfection

As distinctive as its elegant bottle, Wixworth is everything you expect of a finely crafted classic gin, and more. A beautifully balanced blend of the finest, hand-selected ingredients, Wixworth offers all the pleasures of a classic London Dry Gin along with a uniquely South African flavour that ensures it stands out from the crowd.

A Distinctive Gin

You can tell at a glance that Wixworth is different. First, there’s its instantly recognisable, tall and shapely green bottle enrobed in delicately intertwined silver sprigs of juniper and Renosterbos that hint at the magic inside. Notice how they glisten and dance in the light as if swaying in a gentle breeze?

Open it and breathe in its entrancing aroma, a perfect marriage of the warmth of spice and piny juniper, the vibrancy of citrus, and in the distance, the floral, earthy scent of fynbos-covered veld.

Taste it, and be transported. This is no ordinary, run-of-the-mill gin. This is a lovingly crafted gin that exudes passion and confidence, evoking memories of long, lazy summer afternoons that stretch into enchanting evenings.

A brief history of gin

The origins of gin date back to 17th Century Holland. Ever heard the term ‘Dutch courage’? Bet you didn’t know that it refers to nips of this local beverage given to British soldiers during the 30 Years War to raise their spirits. The Brits were so taken with this juniper-flavoured tipple that they took it back to England with them. The gin craze soon took on a life of its own, and London was its centre. Over the next two hundred years the process of making gin became more and more refined, leading to the birth of what we know today as London Dry Gin.

Our Journey

Following in the footsteps of London distillers in their quest to perfect their Dry recipe and Gin craft, we undertook our own painstaking investigation. We unearthed some of the oldest Gin recipes we could find in Southern Africa, including some family recipes dating back to the early settlers. We also consulted Master Distillers and Master Blenders in our search for classic Old London Dry recipes.

This obsession led us on a journey to understand how the ingredients used in gin might have changed over time. We wanted to know if climate change has impacted the flavours of the botanicals, or if sourcing the ingredients from new origins has altered the old recipe style. And are all these changes still creating a harmonious balance of flavour?

Our lengthy investigations to create our own perfect classic gin recipe revealed some interesting botanical discoveries about the Renosterveld. For instance, a small piece of Renosterbos (Elytropappus Rhinocerotics) had long been used to take the brackish flavour out of river water to make it more refreshing and pleasant to drink. There were even stories of how small sprigs of Renosterbos were placed into stone gin jugs to add a gentle floral note. It was these discoveries that set us on our path to explore the marriage of the classic gin recipe with this indigenous shrub and after many years our quest to create the perfect gin recipe has ended with Wixworth, a classic gin subtly infused with Renosterbos.