A drink for any time of day or night

There are no hard and fast rules. Enjoy it any time of day or night – as a refreshing aperitif before lunch, while watching the sunset, or on an evening out with friends. To get you started, here are some recipes – both classic and modern – for you to try. You may even have your own special recipe – please feel free to share your ideas with fellow Wixworth aficionados on our social media channels.

The Classic Wix & Tonic

No other drink shouts refreshment like a crisp Wixworth & Tonic. The gin and tonic may conjure up images of wide verandas on a warm summer afternoon, but we believe that you can enjoy a Wix & Tonic anywhere, anytime.

The Twisted Martini

Adding a couple of drops of Orange Bitters puts a new twist on the classic dry martini.

The Collins

While there are numerous legends surrounding its origins, just about everyone agrees that this sweet and sour cocktail is one of a kind.

The Bees Knees

Dating back to 1920’s America, when the phrase “the bee’s knees” was used to describe something (or someone) truly beyond the ordinary.