Be a classic


Wixworth was created by exploring various recipes for a classic dry gin. A formula that has been around for many years. We took what we learned, and did not conform. We created a classic dry gin our way. A classic. Originally created. We are building a community with those who also believe in staying true to themselves. Their trade might not be their own. But their recipe is. Our community of classics comprises those who contribute and conserve to our people, our places and our way of life. To what has been. To what may come. We are classic. Our spirit is one.

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A passion forged in fire
and shaped in steel

“Every time I work, I learn and discover something new about the material and myself.’’ – Alon Fainstein, blacksmith, artist, and Wixworth classic.

Alon’s blacksmith journey began in 1995 when he learned how to weld and fabricate steel furniture. This experience sparked an interest in metalworking, but the way he viewed the medium changed when he was introduced to a seasoned blacksmith.

“The second I walked into the workshop of an elderly Italian blacksmith, it struck me that this was the medium I was destined to work with. I learned that, when this stubborn material is heated, I can manipulate it into whatever I my imagination renders”.

Alon’s artistic roots run deep. As an introverted young boy, the art room in junior school was the only place where he felt that he could fit into the world. His teacher recognised that he had a unique talent and gave him the freedom to create his own work, while the rest of the class was restricted to the curriculum.

“My parents understood and supported my gravitation towards art. I painted for hours and hours, and loved ceramics. Even when my mom arranged play dates, I would lock myself in my room away from the world so that I could create art. Outside of that environment, I felt like a fish out of water. It was the only thing that really made sense to me and it was liberating, even at a young age.”

After creating traditional steelworks for over 15 years, Alon realised that something was missing. The artistic freedom he experienced all those years ago was what he needed to rekindle, and he decided to dive back into his art form to express himself: “It felt like something was gnawing at me that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. Creating my own works from the inspiration that lay deep within me was artistically liberating – I could listen to my inner voice rather than a client’s strict brief.”

This reawakening inspired Alon to build a studio which supported the scale of his work, and in which he could immerse himself and fill with his creative energy. It was a space in which he connected with steel and his true self on a different level, and crafted the first piece of his first solo exhibition – a chair aptly named, ‘Connect’.

“In this beautiful domain of the unknown, I found my biggest inspiration – it was unlearning everything I had learned up until this point. Giving up control and letting the work guide me.”

Alon Fainstein is a blacksmith and artist who creates steel artworks in his studio in Cape Town, South Africa.


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